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We’re not the last stop on the road to solving your problem, but we’re good at giving directions.

In Patients Rising Concierge we research programs and services to help solve your problems, and teach you how to do the same. During the Coronavirus, many Americans came face to face with completely new challenges, like food insecurity, housing instability, loss of work and health insurance, or difficulty finding a safe place to get treatments for chronic diseases. The Concierge service was there to help by finding resources that could help those people on the local, state and federal level.

Call us at (800) 685-2654 or email us.

Amelia Blackwater

When you Contact us with a problem or need, here is some of what We will do

  • Find an organization that specializes in addressing your specific concern
  • Explain how and why you should consider using specific experience-driven solutions
  • Give you websites and phone numbers to key problem-solving agencies
  • Share solutions that we have already researched that were proven to help others
  • Listen with care and compassion to your needs

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