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Our patient education and support platform provides direct, personalized access to information and a network of public and nonprofit programs and resources. Here you’ll find reliable, expertly curated information via our learning modules which include traditional content, videos, ebooks, webinars, podcasts, and infographics.

We’ll help you navigate the healthcare system by identifying resources for you on the federal, state, and local levels. Call (800) 685-2654 or email us.

The Advocacy Masterclass is designed to train patients, caregivers, and citizens in the art of healthcare advocacy.

Our patient learning center can help you make more informed decisions and better advocate for yourself and others.

You are not alone. Get insights and connect to patients on social media.

Our weekly podcast featuring honest and helpful discussion about issues impacting those with chronic illness

Our patient advocacy action center.  We work at community, state and federal levels to activate patients in support of reforms and legislation aimed at advancing patient access to and affordability of healthcare.

This is a signature program of Patients Rising.  We seek to advance policy, fresh thinking and new solutions to help payers, government and employers make payment and access decisions that are in the best interest to the patient.

When Employer-Sponsored Health Plans Improve Patient Health, Everybody Wins.

Latest Insights & Highlights

Stay Informed

Visit our bookstore hosted on Bookshop.org  We have curated a list of helpful books on a range of topics of interest to patients and caregivers.  We are always adding to the list.

Tell Your Story

Patients Rising Stories is a mapped national-network where you advocate for your rights and the rights of others that are impacted by chronic illness. Claim your place on the map. Your brave stories and insights will be heard by patients, advocates, legislators, policy makers and media.

Take a Stand

Our advocacy platform is where you can network to advocate for positive change in our healthcare system. Whether at the community, State or Federal level, learn how to speak truth to power and support reforms that make affordable, quality healthcare more accessible.

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