About Patients Rising

Our Mission: Empowering every patient in America to advocate for reforms placing them, alongside their doctors, in control of their healthcare choices. 

Our Vision Is Bold: Healthcare is personal. By partnering with patients we envision a future where every individual has healthcare options that align with their unique needs and circumstances.

Our Values Begin and End With the Patient

  • Patient Satisfaction should be the paramount measure of success across the healthcare industry, guiding our actions and policies as we strive to improve the lives of those we serve.
  • Patient Empowerment enables individuals to know their choices and assume greater autonomy in understanding their healthcare.
  • Patient Protection from undue financial hardship can be achieved by advocating for benefit options that provide the best protection for needs, while bolstering safety net programs to ensure the most vulnerable among us can access the care they need. 
  • Patient-driven Innovation involves collaborating with the patient community to create cutting-edge scientific and medical breakthroughs aimed at combating and overcoming debilitating illnesses.
  • Patient-focused Alignment structures the financial incentives within healthcare to prioritize and incentivize long-term patient health and well-being above all else.

Who We Are: We are the leading grassroots patient advocacy organization seeking comprehensive policy solutions that puts the patient experience at the forefront of addressing America’s biggest healthcare access challenges. 

What We Know: Patients living with chronic illnesses have extraorinary stories of perseverance and keen insight into our healthcare system because they use it. A lot. Let’s listen to them, and make healthcare better for everyone.

What We Do

  • Inspire Engagement: Cultivate and educate a diverse coalition of informed and motivated patient advocates to ensure that every patient no matter their circumstances has access to the healthcare services they need, when they need them.
  • Leverage Influence: Harness the power of patient storytelling to unite Americans in solving our greatest obstacles by supporting policies centered on reimagining healthcare for today and tomorrow. 
  • Lead Policy Discourse: Serve as the foremost authority on patient-inspired policy, providing invaluable resources and insights to patient advocates, policymakers, and stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum.




Legislative Advocacy Masterclass: Our training program educates patients across the chronic disease spectrum  therapeutic areas on key healthcare issues and equips them with the tools to raise their voices effectively in the healthcare arena.”

The Patients Rising Podcast: Want to take a deeper dive on patient-inspired policy? Tune in for real talk and valuable insights on issues affecting those living with chronic illness. Join Terry Wilcox, our Co-Founder and Chief Mission Officer, and Robert “Dr. Bob” Goldberg, Co-Founder and Vice President of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest.

The Healthcare Policy Pop: This is your quick fix for the latest federal and state health policy updates affecting the chronic and rare disease community. Tune in for a bite-sized rundown on the issues that matter most to you. 


Patients Rising Stories: Our innovative story portal provides a platform for patients to share their experiences. It serves as a community hub for patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, policy experts, media, and legislators, ensuring that the patient’s voice remains central to the conversation.