August 12, 2021

WASHINGTON — Patients Rising Executive Director Terry Wilcox released the following statement regarding President Biden’s announcement on prescription drug pricing:

“At a time when our nation is turning to the innovation and invention of pharmaceutical research to lead us past a global pandemic, a partisan political broadside against the entire industry is as unwise as it is unjustified.

The scientific research and development that has produced every breakthrough treatment used by American patients today is a multi-faceted process that involves years of work and the daily efforts of literally thousands of people. As a result, every hour of every day, the life of another patient is extended, enhanced and even saved.

To describe any of this as a costly drag on the federal budget – rather than the highest rate of return humanly possible – is a cruel dismissal of patients with chronic diseases and serious illnesses. Their only hope for the future won’t come from the next budget deal. They can look only to the next discovery and the next treatment.

Of course cost is a concern. There are ways we can lower the price of healthcare in this country. And it will still be possible to get patients access to the treatments they need at a price they can afford.

But recycled talking points won’t do the job. It’s going to require hard work through examining the whole process, including benefit design, the health insurance industry, pharmacy benefit managers, rebates and compiling formularies.

Without these factors, no approach can be called comprehensive, and no policy can be called fair to patients with rare diseases.”

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Patients Rising

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