Terry Wilcox

Chief Mission Officer

Serving as the co-founder and Chief Mission Officer of Patients Rising, Terry is driven by a singular conviction: “Empowering patients to advocate through personal storytelling is essential for crafting comprehensive policy solutions that prioritize the patient experience in addressing America’s most pressing healthcare access challenges.”

Her journey into patient advocacy began with a profound immersion in the deep South, where she traversed its breadth, capturing patient narratives for an online series she conceived and produced, titled Understanding Cancer. This experience unveiled the multitude of healthcare systems and their profound impact on patient access.

Terry found her calling at Vital Options, a cancer advocacy organization, where she served as the creative director. Here, she met her mentor, Selma Schimmel, whose 30-year battle with cancer left an indelible mark on Terry’s commitment to patient advocacy. Nearly a decade spent at Vital Options illuminated the potency of creative storytelling in driving change. However, recognizing the imperative of policy and advocacy from the patient perspective, Terry co-founded Patients Rising in 2015 upon relocating to Washington, D.C., with her husband.

Now juggling the roles of a part-time caregiver to her stepmom, who battles Alzheimer’s Disease, and her 88-year-old mother-in-law, Terry embodies the everyday struggles of Americans interfacing with the healthcare system. She firmly believes that true transformation in healthcare can only be realized through unified patient voices, echoing collective stories from every district of every state.
Terry’s insights on access, affordability, and transparency issues in healthcare have found resonance in publications such as the Chicago Tribune, The Hill, Boston Globe, Fortune, Washington Times, American Thinker, and many more.

Residing in Vienna, Virginia with her husband, Jonathan, and their ten-year-old twins, Jackson and James, Terry finds solace in reading, volunteering, cheering on her children at Little League games, or orchestrating the next family escapade.