April 22, 2021
Contact: Summer Johnson


WASHINGTON, DC — Terry Wilcox, Executive Director of Patients Rising, today  released the following statement in response to today’s introduction of H.R. 3:

“Chronic and rare disease patients are desperately waiting for innovative drugs and treatments to improve their lives.

The price controls within HR3 will crush these patients’ hopes for treatments that can make their lives better. It’s a cruel and backward approach to health care finance at the  expense of patients.”

Patients Rising 

Patients Rising is a 100,000 member-organization of patients and caregivers living with chronic illness. The Washington D.C.-based non-profit works with patients to advocate for access to the  treatments, innovations and care they need. Patient programs and initiatives include Patients  Rising Concierge, Patients Rising University, Voices of Value, and Patients Rising NOW.  Programming efforts focus on educating patients about the legislative process and empowering  them to advocate for reforms to advance patient access, affordability, and transparency in healthcare.