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Patients Rising’s Patient Advocacy platform empowers you to make a real difference in healthcare. We offer a comprehensive suite of initiatives, including:

  • Legislative Master Class: Master the art of advocacy with expert-led training, equipping you to champion patient rights and influence legislation.
  • Patients Senate: Join a passionate community of patients, caregivers, and advocates working at local, state, and federal levels to advance patient access and affordability of healthcare.
  • Grassroots Action Center: Access legislative resources, campaigns, and tools to take action for change in your community.
  • Patients Rising Stories: By sharing the patient’s perspective on access, value and treatments, we can overcome the barriers that prevent patients from accessing the right treatment – right away.  

Our platform cultivates and activates a diverse network of individuals united in a common goal: building a better healthcare system for all.

Why Join?

  • Make a meaningful impact: Be part of a collective voice shaping healthcare policy and improving lives.
  • Champion patient rights: Advocate for essential reforms and legislation that empower patients and their families.
  • Find your community: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for healthcare justice.
  • Create a brighter future: Help break down barriers and ensure everyone receives the care they deserve.

Unleash your inner advocate. Join the Patients Rising movement today!

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“Thank you, the legilstative class was so informative and helpful. I can’t wait to use what I have learned on my next visit to Capital Hill. Thank you so much.” 


Legislative Advocacy Masterclass graduate

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