Texas All Copays Count Coalition Partners,

Here we are at the finish line of this incredible effort!  

Texas House Bill 999 has passed through the full Texas legislature and is now headed to the desk of Governor Greg Abbott. This would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the patient, caregiver, and provider advocacy community to educate legislators on the impact of copay accumulator policies and the importance of this legislation. We encourage you to thank the sponsors of this legislation, whose leadership and support has been invaluable as we worked to achieve this incredible milestone.

Please consider sharing one or more of the tweets below RIGHT NOW to thank the sponsors of HB 999 for their dedication to the patient communities in our state.

Thank you! 

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  • CLICK TO TWEET: #TXlege has passed critical legislation to curb a harmful and growing insurer practice! As the bill heads to the governor’s desk, we want to thank @DrSchwertner @FourPriceTX for standing up for patients by sponsoring HB 999. #AllCopaysCountTX
  • CLICK TO TWEETHB 999 has passed #TXlege! Thank you @DrSchwertner @FourPriceTX for your leadership on this critical legislation to ensure copay assistance counts toward patient deductibles. #AllCopaysCountTX
  • CLICK TO TWEETThank you @DrSchwertner @FourPriceTX for protecting the value of copay assistance by sponsoring HB 999! We’re thrilled to see the bill pass through #TXlege, bringing us one step closer to protecting the critical lifeline of copay assistance for TX patients! #AllCopaysCountTX
  • CLICK TO TWEET: #TXlege just passed HB 999, bringing us one step closer to ensuring #AllCopaysCountTX! Thank you @DrSchwertner @FourPriceTX for championing this legislation that will help TX patients access the treatments they need to live healthy and productive lives!

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