The Risk of Reopening: Pandemic Life for the Chronically Ill

Across the country, there is a problem. Areas that reopened early from the Coronavirus suddenly spiked in cases. New restrictions are being enacted, or old ones are coming back. All the while, mask wearing and social distancing is inconsistent, even politicized, and the predictions of our near future are dire.

Before and through all of this there are Americans whose weakened immune systems leave them more vulnerable to infection like Covid-19. Lack of access to their normal levels of care during the pandemic may even be increasing their risk. These are the immunocompromised, and they have the same desires to work, shop and socialize as the rest of us, but they are at much greater risk.

In Utah, where cases have recently spiked following its re-opening in May, Summer Bloyer, 26, shares what it’s like living immunocompromised, as people ease up on social distancing and face masks.


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