Social Media Toolkit


In mere minutes you can jump in and join the movement to
fight for access to care.

Ready? Let’s Begin


Action 1
Let us know you’re jazzed to be a social connector
by following us:

A social media ambassador conducts outreach to patients and their allies.  The goal is to share our tools, our educational materials and grow the Patients Rising family.

Follow our social media channels:


Terry Wilcox @Terrilox

Jim Sliney Jr @jpatientsrising 

Action 3
Let your closest allies know you’ve become an ambassador for Patient Rising.
Here some possible messages:


“You’ve been there for me and helped me through hard times.  I count on you.  I trust you.  Which is why I’ve decided to pay it forward by becoming a social media Ambassador for Patient Rising.”


“I have become a social media ambassador for the nonprofit Patients Rising. I’m helping them reach patients in need and we could use your help too.  I hope you’ll join me — here’s how.