On this episode of the podcast, Terry and Bob discuss how to humanize healthcare and how now is the time to make such fixes to the healthcare system following the upheaval associated with the pandemic. They discuss the recent approval of a new Alzheimer’s drug called Aducanumab — the first effective treatment for the disease in 20 years. 

The medication, which can slow cognitive decline, can improve the wellbeing of patients, caregivers, and the overall healthcare system. Terry and Bob note how many other treatments have been approved with a similar amount of data indicating effectiveness. Its approval, they argue, represents the democratization of drug approvals. 

Terry interviews Dr. Summer Knight, author of Humanizing Healthcare, who discusses how to create supportive networks between a patient’s home caregivers and doctors. She shares her vision of how to improve quality of care and patient outcomes, explaining her goal of creating therapeutic alliances and optimizing healthfulness based on individualized treatments. 

Dr. Summers argues that humanizing healthcare puts the home care team and clinical care team together as one team on the same platform. Working together in a focused manner, they can deliver top care to patients, who should sit at the top of the healthcare pyramid. Technology also plays a vital role in helping these key players optimize patients’ care. 

Jim from the Patients Rising Concierge Desk offers suggestions on whether to hire a lawyer to process federal disability claims. He points out how lawyers can only charge a set amount, and patients don’t need to pay them upfront. Their payment only occurs if claims are successful. Payments are then paid as a portion of the disability checks. Interested patients can go to SSA.gov/applyfordisability and LSC.gov for more information and legal help for applying for disability. 

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