On this episode of the podcast, Terry and Bob discuss non-medical switching, which occurs when insurers change patients’ medications in an effort to lower costs. They explain how harmful this process can be for patients who are used to a medication that works. It can be especially dangerous for patients with rare and serious conditions. 

Gary Lawson shares the story of his son’s extreme case of Crohn’s disease. He explains how they finally found a treatment that alleviated his son’s painful symptoms, which included feelings of swallowing glass when eating. Yet his insurance company non-medically switched his medication against his doctor’s advice, sending his son a letter in the mail saying it would no longer cover his drug. His doctor filed appeals, but the insurance company balked despite never looking at his medical records. Gary and his son have filed a complaint with the state insurance company. 

This same story plays out among countless patients across the country whose insurers pull the treatment rug out from under them. Gary explains how insurance companies can kill patients through this practice. 

Terry highlights how registration is now open for the spring semester of the Patients Rising Advocacy Master Class. Find out more HERE

Field correspondent Kate Pecora speaks with the founders of All Wheels Up, an organization making airlines more wheelchair accessible and crash testing wheelchairs for commercial flights. They explain how wheelchairs routinely get damaged on flights and how their organization works with regulatory agencies and airlines to make travel better for wheelchair users. 

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