On this special holiday edition of the podcast, Terry discusses opportunities to improve employer health insurance, which provides most Americans with their health coverage. She discusses its rapidly increasing cost and access barriers — especially for those with rare and chronic diseases. She notes how federal ERISA law preempts health insurance protections passed at the state level. 

She interviews Dave Chase, founder of Health Rosetta, who explains how to transition from high-cost benefit design to transparent, affordable, and accessible healthcare. He discusses the victims of the current healthcare system and explains how it’s radically flawed. He argues it requires a social movement akin to the Civil Rights movement to fix it. 

Dave explains how health insurance can be dramatically improved by following the acronym “LOCAL.” Employers and benefit design specialists must learn about better alternatives, optimize their health plans, carve out inflationary PBMs, add value-based primary care, and leave behind value-extracting PPOs, which are the largest wealth-transfer system in U.S. history. Terry and Dave also discuss the problems with medical loss ratios, and how they drive up the cost of health insurance.  

Watch Health Rosetta’s explainer video HERE

Dave concludes by explaining how this health insurance alternative does not hurt the most vulnerable and argues that great plans should be rewarded and differentiated in the market.

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