On this episode of the podcast, Terry and Kate discuss ovarian cancer — September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month — and the pending federal policies that can help those afflicted. They highlight how Biogen has begun administering its new Alzheimer’s drug for free, and argue that this move can help push Medicare to cover it. And they discuss the recent virtual hearings held on the prescription drug supply chain, highlighting the dramatic savings that occur when PBMs pass along rebate savings to patients. 

They interview Chad Ramsey, VP of Policy at the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance, on proposed federal legislation known as Johanna’s Law to promote education and awareness of ovarian cancer and other gynecological conditions. He explains how federal funding can reduce health disparities and improve outcomes. If reauthorized, Johanna’s Law would increase funding for ovarian cancer education and awareness programs. New research is needed to find treatments and ultimately a cure for ovarian cancer. 

Rep. Darrell Issa weighs in on the life-changing impact of Johanna’s Law. Terry notes how the law can help address health inequities and discusses the barriers to more diverse clinical trials for rare disease treatments. 

Ovarian cancer survivor Randalynn Vasel shares her cancer journey. And Runsi Sen, founder of Ovarcome, reveals the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer that all women should know. She explains how early screening and detection are key to good outcomes and encourages all women to pay attention to their bodies. 

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