On this episode of the podcast, Terry and Bob talk about the threats posed by unregulated hand sanitizers and the risk posed to kids going back to school by the Covid-19 Delta variant. They discuss the latest on booster shots and how these can help further control the pandemic. They also talk about the need for healthcare price transparency and pharmacy benefit managers’ efforts to block its implementation. They explain how PBM rebates drive up the cost of care and how this rebate problem must be addressed to bring down healthcare prices. 

Pediatrician Dr. Marlene Wust-Smith explains how some new hand sanitizers have high levels of benzene, which is very dangerous and can cause cancer. She highlights how it’s important for people to use brand-name hand sanitizer to help control the spread of Covid. Read her recent op-ed on hand sanitizers HERE

Dr. Wust-Smith discusses what the Delta variant means for children. She explains how this variant is very contagious but not dangerous to most kids. And, she emphasizes how important it is that children don’t miss any more school. 

Field correspondent Kate Pecora interviews Melody Olander, founder of But You Don’t Look Sick, on healthcare challenges facing the chronic disease community. She tells of her healthcare challenges and explains her rare neurological condition. She discusses the problems with her GoFundMe campaign that is necessary to help cover her expensive treatments. 

Melody explains the corrupt practices and profiteering in the prescription drug supply chain that hurts patients. She concludes by highlighting the problems with the opaque healthcare system and how patients are regularly hit with high, unknown bills after care. 

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