On this episode of the podcast, Terry and Bob discuss how greater access to personal health data can improve patient access and outcomes. With personal health data and medical records at their fingertips, patients can make the best health choices regardless of their past medical histories. Better access to medical records can empower patients, improve clinical trials, and increase healthcare decision-making control. 

Terry and Bob discuss the problems with some politicians’ claims that Americans can save on their prescription drug costs by importing their medications from Canada. They note that Canada is not large enough to be America’s drugstore. Canadian regulators would never allow the nation’s managed supply to be exported to the U.S. They also explain how Canada doesn’t have the same protections against counterfeit drugs, potentially putting patients in the U.S. at risk. 

Bob interviews Ardy Arianpour, CEO and co-founder of Seqster, which is revolutionizing the personal medical records space. Ardy explains how his platform is giving patients ownership and control of their data. He notes how his company’s technology is helping clinical trials boost participation and diversity. 

His company is helping scale medical information to give more patients a 360-degree and longitudinal view of their healthcare. This access can disproportionately help those with rare and chronic diseases. Ardy also notes how the democratization of data can help underserved communities and expand care delivery and telehealth. He argues that the pandemic accelerated digital health advancements by seven to ten years. 

Kate Pecora speaks with Kaitlin Kerr on her advocacy at the state level to fight for marriage equality for SSDI recipients. Kaitlin explains how income thresholds hurt people on SSDI. These income and asset caps can easily be broken when those with disabilities get a promotion or get married. They often can prevent patients from marrying the people they love because of the associated consequences to medical benefits. Kaitlin discusses recent legislation that dramatically increases income caps allowing patients like her to marry their soulmates. 

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