Share Your Story

Patients are stronger when we speak with one voice. Together, we can stand up for every patient’s right to access the right treatment, take back agency in their healthcare experience, and become empowered through collective learning.

We want to amplify your voice to ensure that all patients are heard.

How to quickly and easily upload your video or audio story.

Sample Video!

Here’s a sample video from one of your Patient advocates, Maggie.

Step 1. Please select one of the prompts from the list below for your video story.

(Want to talk about more than one, then make another video!)

  1. Can you share a specific story that highlights the challenges you’ve faced in accessing or affording the care you need?
  2. Have you ever avoided care because you didn’t know if you could afford it?
  3. What are your biggest challenges getting access to care or treatment.
  4. Have you encountered difficulties in obtaining insurance coverage or getting your insurance to cover treatments?
  5. If you could change one thing about the healthcare system for patients with your condition, what would it be?
  6. How has the cost of medical care affected your ability to manage your condition effectively?

Step 2: Record and Upload

You can create a story directly on your phone and upload it.

After clicking the link below from your phone, look for a small circle icon with a plus sign in it. Click that to see the options for uploading a video.

If you visit the link via your computer, you will need to have created the video or audio clip beforehand to upload it.

Important: When you start your recording, please state your first name, state, congressional district, and disease(s).  Congressional District Look-up Tool.

Some Tips for What Makes a Good Story Submission

  • If you’re not pleased with your first try, don’t worry  – you can create and upload another video or audio.
  • Ideal story length is 1-2 minutes.
  • Make it personal. Share a story or a specific example to help make it as individual to you as possible.
  • Stay on topic. If you have a few different things you want to cover just take a few different videos for us. We want to hear everything you have to share so feel free to capture multiple stories!

By clicking “Upload Your Story” and uploading your video, you agree to our Terms of Use.