Patients Rising Now CEO Terry Wilcox was quoted as part of the announcement of a bipartisan bill, introduced by Senators Manchin (D-WV) and Cramer (R-ND) to improve patient experiences when seeking treatment in the dental and optometric care fields. The legislation would allow doctors to use the medical labs of their choice and clarify the amount that can be charged for services that insurers do not cover. It also targets the interactions that vision benefit managers have with doctors and patients, and the way those interactions increase costs and decrease access. Similar bills have been passed at the State level (44 total States), but there is no Federal law yet. Read the quote below:


“This bill is a critical step to put optometrists and patients back in control of their care. Right now, patients and their doctors are at the mercy of vertically integrated vision insurers, who control the entire supply chain and set prices. Patients need more choices, lower costs, and faster service. This bill will help them get that.”