Patients Rising partners with Clara Health to expand patient access to clinical trials

Patients Rising is proud to announce a new partnership with Clara Health to expand patient access to clinical trials.

Through this partnership, Patients Rising and Clara Health will support patients and caregivers as they navigate clinical trials and advocate for the power of breakthrough research to deliver new treatment options to patients.

“After attending one of Patients Rising’s Voices of Value events, I was blown away by their commitment to putting the patient first and their fearless candor regarding treatment access for the patients who need it most,” said Lilly Stairs, Head of Patient Advocacy at Clara Health. “I am honored that Clara has the opportunity to collaborate with Patients Rising and support their bold mission.”

Patients Rising produces a variety of programming including The Daily Rise, Voices of Value: Speak Up, Patients Rising University and commentary at The non-profit’s patient advocacy team helps patients overcome barriers to access, such as step therapy, non-medical switching, prior authorizations and specialty tiers.

Clara, a platform empowering patients with the knowledge they need to search for clinical trials and make informed treatment decisions, is honored to be Patient Rising’s go-to resource for patients searching for a clinical trial.

“We’re honored to work with Clara to help every patient gain access to the right treatment,” said Terry Wilcox, Patients Rising’s co-founder and executive director. “With its innovative platform, Clara is leading the way in connecting patients to potentially life-saving clinical trials. “

Approximately 60 million people are needed to fill more than 200,000 clinical trials. Researchers are racing to discover treatments for patients in dire need of new options. Patients Rising’s new partnership will raise awareness about clinical trials to ensure patients and caregivers are informed about these cutting-edge treatment options and to help bring patients one step closer to cures.

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