Patients Rising and Bezzy PsA team up to support Psoriatic Arthritis Community

In February of 2022, Patients Rising joined missions with and Bezzy Psa, in a private forum for the psoriatic arthritis community. This partnership brings Patients Rising’s resources and philosophy to people living with psoriatic arthritis on Bezzy PsA’s platform, built exclusively for them.

If you have psoriatic arthritis, we encourage you to sign up for the Bezzy PsA platform. You can access the online platform from your computer or you can download the Bezzy PsA app. Either way, you’ll be with other patients living with your condition. You’ll meet Diane Talbert, well known psoriasis advocate and our Patients Rising’s Forum moderator. There’s also Jenny Parker, the community’s guide, and powerhouse PsA adovcate, as well as Jim Sliney Jr, the patient outreach director from Patients Rising. All come together on this intuitve platform to support the psoriatic arthritis community.

See you on Bezzy PsA! Sign up now!

Here’s the Bezzy PsA article about this important partnership!

Come and learn more about Patients Rising’s Partnerships. We’re really proud of them 🙂

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