Making Health Insurance Work for You

Making Health Insurance Work for You

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Rare Disease Day is February 28. New and exciting medical innovations and drug therapies for rare disease abound, but accessing those treatments is another challenge. Discriminatory healthcare metrics like quality-adjusted-life-years (QALYs) devalue rare disease patient lives, signaling that a patient’s life isn’t worth covering treatments and therapies. 

Dr. Bill Smith explains how QALYs are used and how it prevents patients from getting the life-saving care they need. Plus, Patients Rising Field Correspondent Kate speaks with Marni Cartelli, a rare disease patient living with complex regional pain syndrome, and Patient Correspondent Lillian Isabella celebrates Rare Disease Day by sharing her story of being diagnosed with PKU. 

Honest, helpful discussions about chronic illness issues.


Terry Wilcox
Patients Rising Executive Director

Robert “Dr. Bob” Goldberg
Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, Co-Founder & Vice President


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