Patients Rising launches OncoPrecision to help patients access personalized medicine

Patients Rising has launched OncoPrecision, an online platform for cancer patients and caregivers to learn, connect and access the latest advances in personalized medicine.

OncoPrecision will provide cancer patients and caregivers with daily news updates on developments in precision medicine, comprehensive background on drug information and resources for accessing clinical trials along with support from the largest dedicated cancer social community on the web.

“We are truly excited about this one-of-a-kind resource and are eager to do what it takes to put precision medicine where it can do the most good: in the hands of patients,” said Terry Wilcox, co-founder and executive director of Patients Rising. “OncoPrecision represents outstanding forward thinking and the highest ideals of patient advocacy, especially at a time when the promises of precision medicine are changing more and more lives every day.”

Helping cancer patients access precision medicine treatments

Precision medicine is expected to radically transform health care as we know it by providing patients with treatments that are personalized to each individual patient. Already, patients are benefiting from precision medicine treatments, such as immunotherapy, which harness the body’s immune system to fight diseases, including some cancers.

However, few cancer patients are aware of currently-available precision medicine treatment options –with even fewer patients able to gain access to these life-saving treatment innovations. OncoPrecision is working to close this precision medicine access gap by providing cancer patients and their caregivers a unique destination to seek and share information about the latest developments in precision medicine.

Created by CancerConnect, OncoPrecison will also provide members with the ability to interact with a broader national community of more than 50,000 cancer patients through the existing CancerConnect platform. The platform will be used by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Beth Israel, the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition The Ohio State James Cancer Hospital, Roswell Park, and Miami Cancer Institute at Baptist Health South Florida.

“We are thrilled to partner with Patients Rising to help bring cancer patients news and information on the exciting innovation happening in precision medicine today,” said Charles Weaver, MD founder and executive editor of “OncoPrecision represents outstanding forward thinking and the highest ideals of patient advocacy, especially at a time when the promises of precision medicine are changing more and more lives every day.”

About OncoPrecision

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