Policy Priorities that Cannot Wait for an Election Year

WASHINGTON — Patients Rising Now, a national grassroots organization representing millions of Americans facing chronic and debilitating illnesses, today sent its Must Pass for Patients List to Capitol Hill. The policy priorities include a set of bills that have been introduced this Congress but have not been moved to the floor for votes.

In a letter to Speaker Mike Johnson, Patients Rising Now CEO and Co-founder Terry Wilcox urged Congress to act swiftly on the Must Pass for Patients List.

“The healthcare system in the United States, despite its undeniable advantages, faces significant challenges. We firmly believe that the core purpose of health insurance should be to shield patients from financial hardship, allowing them to focus on their health and well-being, not the fear of medical bills,” said Wilcox. “We must harness the power of scientific and technological advancements to deliver effective treatments and cures for even the most devastating illnesses.”

“Ultimately, rising patient satisfaction should be the guiding principle for any legislative action in healthcare,” added Wilcox.

The full text of the Must Pass for Patients List.