WASHINGTON — Patients Rising CEO Terry Wilcox today released the following statement regarding the announcement by Medicare of the first ten drugs to be subjected to drug price negotiations:

“Patients have been robbed of their voice yet again. CMS had every opportunity to engage patients to understand the true value of medications to their quality of life but failed to solicit comments, effectively shutting those impacted out of this process. 

It is time for CMS to prioritize patients and caregivers to understand the true value of new drugs and medical innovations. Otherwise, CMS will continue down a path that devalues critical medications for patients and deters research and development vital to the discovery of the cures of tomorrow.

Price controls naturally discourage future innovation that many patients and caregivers so desperately seek. Any process involving price controls of important medicines should be transparent and place what the patient values at the center of any decision.”

Earlier this year Patients Rising released Principles for CMS on Harnessing the Power of Patient Involvement When Implementing the Inflation Reduction Act