Voices of Value: Spotlight Multiple Sclerosis Jamie’s Story

“It’s not so much that the MS is exhausting — it is exhausting — but (it’s) the battles you have to surmount when it comes to health care and insurance and getting proper treatment,” explains author Jamie Tripp Utitus, whose writing career began with an MS diagnosis.

“They take you and put you on hold. It’s limbo.”

Now, Jamie is helping other patients living with multiple sclerosis. What began as a personal blog (Ugly Like Me) in an attempt to cope with a shocking diagnosis soon evolved into a new profession.

She left teaching and began her new MS life as a freelance writer three years ago, and hasn’t looked back. Today, she blogs and community manages MS communities in over 95 countries, while writing a bi-weekly Parental Guidance blog. She is also the author of Zoe Bowie Sings, Despite All Sad Things, a children’s book about MS.

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