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Now You Can Become Your Own Best Advocate

You have the power to advocate for access to treatment and care for your chronic or life-threatening illness. We’ll provide the support and education to empower you.

Our Core Offerings Explained

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find the experts, resources and SErvices You Need

There is no need to face life’s problems alone. Patients Rising Concierge was built to help you find trusted tools that will move you towards a solution. Real case workers are waiting to hear from you.

Learn how to Be Your Own Best Advocate

Healthcare is not a passive exercise. Those who have the most success in healthcare are those who actively advocate for their needs. This requires knowledge, support, and proven strategies. You can find all of that here.

Raise Your voice

Reading, seeing, contextualizing – the more policy makers and legislators can empathize with your needs, the more likely they are to take up your advocacy. Your story is the key to driving change. This platform maps the advocacy issues of patients.

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Our weekly Patients Rising podcast features honest, practical discussions about issues impacting chronic illness patients. It features patients, policy experts, healthcare professionals and your hosts, Terry Wilcox and Dr. Bob Goldberg.

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You’ll receive updates about new resources, patient stories and insights, advocacy work, and alerts about patient-support events.