High Cholesterol – George’s Story

With a family history of heart attacks, George Acker’s doctor placed him on statins to reduce his high cholesterol.

“I couldn’t move,” George, a patient advocate with the Global Healthy Living Foundation’s 50-State Network, says of the statins. “The worst part was the aches and pains.”

Statins were the wrong treatment for George. He eventually found the right treatment – but his insurance company is, in his words, “playing god” by denying access to the treatment.

“It would have been easier for me to just keel over with a heart attack than deal with the pain of these statin drugs.”

Thousands of patients, like George, know all too well the adage that the treatment can be worse than the disease.

Are You Receiving the Wrong Treatment?

Have you been forced by your insurance company to use the wrong treatment for high cholesterol? Let us know.

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