Getting Your Treatments Covered

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Getting a treatment covered by your insurance is more complicated than ever. Insurance companies have put up complex roadblocks to prevent the use of pricey treatments, even when those treatments might be the only treatment.

Join our experts for a discussion about building a defense for the treatment your doctor says that you need. Learn about the Letter of Medical Necessity and how to prepare for an Appeal. You deserve access to the best medicine has to offer, not just what your insurance thinks you deserve.


Karie Rego, Esq.

Karie has been practicing health care regulatory and payment law for over 20 years. She spent fifteen years at major international law firms in D.C. and California and was a partner at McDermott Will, the number one ranked firm nationally in health care law. Karie is one of a handful of attorneys in the country with health care payment and coverage expertise and has been certified in both coding and health care quality. She is a national speaker on healthcare payment and educator of other attorneys, physicians, compliance officers and certified coders. Karie is particularly interested in patient access to health care technology and specialty services.

Samantha H Smith

Samantha “Sam” Smith is a Health & Wellness Coach and the Vice President for G-PACT, a non-profit patient support group for Gastroparesis. She was born, raised and still lives in upstate New York where, in the warmer weather she loves to run. Sam has organized fundraisers, lobbied Congress, and been a part of many awareness campaigns for chronic disease awareness.

Jim Sliney Jr

As Director of Patient Content at Patients Rising, Jim works very closely with the people who have healthcare war stories to tell. As a Columbia University trained writing consultant Jim has worked closely with writers of all levels of skill to help them find and refine their voices. Jim is a writer, editor, author and medical assistant with over 20 years of experience in healthcare. He’s spent over two decades in clinical care and research at some of New York’s biggest health institutions doing hands-on nursing, education and advocacy for rare disease patients. He has worked with several non-profit patient support organizations doing outreach, advocacy and creating educational content.

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