On this episode of the podcast, Terry and Bob discuss the ongoing need for patients with chronic diseases to access legal advice. From employer discrimination to financial toxicity, legal consultation provides much-needed peace of mind and guidance.

They highlight Patients Rising’s partnership with Shelly Rosenfeld, Co-Director of the Cancer Legal Resource Center (CLRC), who will be a regular guest on the Patients Rising Podcast to answer the legal questions and roadblocks that patients routinely have. Patients Rising will create an online portal where members of the community can submit their legal questions that Shelly will answer in her future appearances on the podcast.

Terry interviews Shelly about her work at the CLRC, how she will help the Patients Rising community, and patients’ most common legal questions. Shelly highlights how questions about employment discrimination are the most common concerns facing cancer patients. She explains what rights patients have at their jobs to keep their incomes and insurance during this stressful time.

Shelly highlights how the CLRC provides free access to experts who provide patients with information about relevant federal and state employment laws regarding chronic conditions. In addition, the CLRC offers patients free access to lawyers who give even more specialized help. Often the concerns aren’t outright employment discrimination but questions around how employers give patients hard times for taking time off for treatment. Shelly points out that patients shouldn’t need a law degree to navigate their employment rights.

Patient correspondent Kate Pecora interviews Jenn McNary from the Patients Rising Advocacy Master Class which will help members of the community become effective patient advocates. This 14-week online course, created by Terry, will give folks step by step information to share their stories and advance patients’ rights. Space is limited.

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