On this episode of the podcast, Terry and Bob discuss the challenges facing policymakers to advance value-based care and address high out of pocket costs. They warn that ICER may have an opening to influence the Biden Administration through Neera Tanden, the nominee for OBM Director. And they give suggestions on where the GOP should go from here on healthcare. 

Bob interviews Dr. Mark McClellan, the director of the Margolis Center for Health Policy at Duke University. Dr. McClellan highlights the scientific and technological advancements in patient-specific therapy such as the Precision Promise system and the FDA’s support for such large scale precision analyses. Dr. McClellan champions bipartisan approaches such as the 21st Century Cares Act to help patients get faster, broader, and more personalized access. 

Dr. McClellan calls for all sides, including providers, patient groups, and drug manufacturers, to come together to get specific drugs to the patients who need them. In practice, this means looking at new payment models to lower barriers to access. It also means a more tailored approach that recognizes that drug effectiveness differs by patient. He advocates for advancing home-based treatment to reduce hospital admissions and the associated high costs. 

Finally, Dr. McClellan calls on data use to inform Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness. He argues for data showing how different vaccines react with different patients and monitoring health outcomes. This information will give the public the confidence necessary to get vaccinated, finally ending the pandemic. Read Dr. McClellan’s Wall Street Journal joint op-ed on this topic HERE

Patient correspondent Kate Pecora interviews Kristina Wolfe, a patient advocate who has Type-1 Diabetes. Kristina explains how those with chronic conditions don’t want to be defined by their diseases. Many don’t even like being called patients. Kristina is focused on advancing patient-centric drug development, emphasizing drug safety and patient data on specific outcomes. Kristina closes by discussing how to manage advocacy burnout. 

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