DUR Letter to the Editor Template

Dear Editor:

My name is XXX and I am from XXX. On [date] the Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Board for [state] will meet to consider whether and how our state Medicaid program will cover [treatment] for [disease].  

Most people probably aren’t aware that DUR Boards even exist or what they do, but their decisions have a big impact on patients.  I am a [patient/caregiver/loved one] who has spent XXX years [living/working with/caring for someone] with [disease], and I am concerned that our state’s DUR Board may adopt policies or practices that make it difficult or impossible for patients to get access to [treatment].

[Disease state] affects XXX people worldwide.  It is [chronic/fatal/debilitating] and typically results in…  My personal experience with the disease is…

This treatment gives [me/my loved one/patients] hope for a better life by [impact of treatment].  Clinical data shows that the treatment is effective, and the FDA has approved it.  

I ask others in our community to join me in supporting patient access to FDA-approved treatments, and encourage all to watch the actions of the DUR Board closely.