How Health Insurance Forced Me To Get a Divorce

Imagine celebrating thirty years of marriage. What an accomplishment in a society where over 65% of marriages end in divorce after just eight years (on average). Bill and Carol made it! But then…they ended up getting divorced over health insurance. Something is wrong with that.

William’s Story

In 2016, Carol and I divorced after 31 years of marriage. We didn’t have a falling out. There was no illicit affair on my part or Carol’s.  Nor did we stop living together or making love.

What drove a wedge through our marriage was health insurance. My employer laid me off in 2015 after more than 21 years on the job. The layoff cost me not only my health insurance, but Carol’s too. I had Medicare to replace my employer-based insurance but because Carol was a year shy of 65, she could not depend on Medicare.

Carol turned to the Affordable Care Act. She talked to an agent. She plugged in the numbers. And the bottom line was the cost as a married woman was untenable, even though I did not need to avail myself of such a program. Turned out, insurance was much, much cheaper as a single woman. I no longer needed my income to come into play.

Hence, the divorce. We got the divorce in Atlantic City prior to relocating to Central Florida.

A year later, Carol turned 65 and signed up for Medicare. And we re-married outside of a Starbucks in Melbourne, Florida.

Love Wins
Bill and Carol – Love conquers all

From the Editor:

Outside a Starbucks…Ain’t love grande? 🤣

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